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Courses can be run as Activity Days, Holiday Clubs, Weekend Workshops, Educational Training Days and Private Tuition Sessions.

Kodu Computer Game Programming

We will be using Kodu to design and create games for the PC and Xbox! Using a simple icon- based programming interface we will express advanced game design concepts in a simple, direct and intuitive manner. Program and control over 20 original characters with different abilities, edit the terrain and background, practice debugging your game - the only limit is your imagination!

Scratch Programming

We will be using the visual programming tool Scratch to create programs, animations, interactive stories and games! Using a drag-and- drop interface we will "Imagine, Program and Share" our creations with family and friends. Scratch is an amazing way for kids and the whole family to get starting with coding and programming!


We will be using Blockly, the snap-together block programming language, to learn how to start programming. Through a number of online games and challenges we will learn the underlying concepts in programming through the manipulation of blocks of logic that when stacked together in a particular order, move a character around a scene or draw a shape.

Green Screen Photography

We will be learning how to get started with Green Screen Photography and will be taking professional looking photographs and videos for use within school projects, comic books and video presentations. Present a weather report from the depths of an Arctic winter; act out your favourite super-hero moments or simply practice and refine your photographic and video editing skills!

Raspberry Pi

We will be learning how to set-up and operate the tiny and affordable Raspberry Pi computer! We will be using Raspbian, a Debian-based Linux operating system, to build practical projects and design amazing digital worlds. We will be using Minecraft: Pi Edition and Sonic Pi: a free sound synthesiser for live coding designed to support computing and music lessons within schools.


We will be using the BBC micro:bit to build all sorts of wearable, scientific cool creations! The micro:bit can be coded from any web browser in Javascript, Blocks, Python, Scratch and more - so no software is required! When you start programming in an editor we will store your projects so that you can continue to work on them offline or at home!

Lego Wedo Robotics

We will be using the Lego Droid Developer Kit and Lego Wedo Kits to build, program and operate our very own robotic models! Using motors, gears, motion, light and tilt sensors we will bring them to life and create amazing adventures. We will be using drag and drop software to operate the models, learn programming skills and design new control and response systems!

Brickfilm Movies

We will be creating our own storyboards and movie sets to produce a professional film! Using webcams and specialist video capture software we will capture the action frame by frame, adding special effects, sound effects, music and credits. Car chases, action adventures, space exploration, underwater escapades, dancing and more - the only limit is your imagination!

Comic Book Super Heroes

We will be designing and drawing our very own Super Hero 2D Comic Book! Plot a storyboard, import amazing images and backdrops with heroes and baddies included. Edit your bitmap images, add speech bubbles, text and edit your pages until you are ready to print out your comics for your friends and heroes to marvel at ... up, up and away - Comic Book Super Heroes!

Zoo Empire

We will be creating and building our very own zoological habitat! Learn about rare and endangered animals, each with unique AI and Behaviours! Choose a character and develop a Zoological career featuring over 30 different scenarios. 3D graphics bring the animals and your zoo to life - watch lions roar and gorillas pound their chests as the penguins wait to be fed and the monkey escapes!

Train Set Designer

We will be designing and building our own train track and operating the Hornby Lion Works Industrial set. We will practice shunting goods from small yards and hauling wagons off to the works for loading. We will be using computers to design a track layout and utilising simulation software to find out what it is like to drive your very own train!

DJ Music Maker

We will be composing, mixing and recording our very own songs! Study tempo, melody, rhythm, harmony and the major and minor keys. Choose your instruments! Drums, bass, piano, guitar, vocals, strings, FX and mix down to mp3 format for export. Share your hit song with friends and family! We will explore a variety of musical styles including pop, dance, rock, disco, jazz and EDM.