Welcome to coolkids computing.

The world is changing. Are we ready to embrace the new challenges ahead of us all? The strategy, execution and delivery of the new computing and IT curriculum, the vision to educate the next generation of engineers, coders, mathematicians, designers, artists and entrepreneurs will be key to our future. The designers, the thinkers, planners, dreamers, programmers and hard workers will recognise that all the skills we need are within our grasp but they can sometimes remain elusive. Using the latest hardware and software we harness the latest computing skills and techniques to provide a range of targeted courses and classes. That is why we are ready. coolkids computing - creating the future.

Our Learning Model

All our interactive classes have been designed with the core primary level teaching curriculum in mind. So whether your class is having fun building virtual environments or making their own claymation movies they will also be 'ambiently' internalising key learning aspects of Geography, English, Music, Science, Mathematics, Art and Design, Technology and Computing.